30 min Integrated Bodywork

30 minutes is plenty of time to address a specific issue or region or a quick nervous system decompress.


60 min Integrated Bodywork

Standard hour treatment is anything but standard with a customized integrated session with Jessica.


75 min Integrated Bodywork

Time to work on problem areas and allow for more thorough integration in to whole being. 


90 min Integrated Bodywork

Delve in deep with plenty of time to hit all the spots.


Package of 3 Treatments

When you know you need a series of treatments to undo all the abuse you put your body through or have committed to regular maintenance massage, save 10% when you buy 3 at a time.  Available in both 60 and 90 min packages.

Package of 6 Treatments

Sometimes addiction is a good thing.  Commitment to live life free from pain. Useful for stimulating structural awareness and change. Continued proprioceptive feedback improves self awareness of areas before problems set in. Save 15% when you buy 6 massages at once. Available in 60 and 90 min packages. 

About Pricing

Prices quoted above reflect a discount for paying at the time of service.  Full rates apply when billing insurance as set forth by the State of Oregon Workmen's Compensation Fee Schedule.

Check with your insurance provider to see if your plan qualifies you to recieve massage benefi

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