Jessica Masters

Jessica Masters, Therapuetic Massage, Ashland, Oregon


Native to Bellingham, WA I moved south in search of Vit D in 2005. I have been a licensed massage therapist in Oregon since 2011, and working at Siskiyou Massage Clinic, the leading place for orthopedic massage in Ashland, since 2015. I am certified in medical massage and trained in orthopedic assessment and techniques. I am a passionate student of anatomy and physiology, which informs my touch.  I recognize that while our intention may be focused on your soft tissues while I do my work, I’m not just touching and affecting the muscles of your body, I’m touching all that is contained within the confines of your skin and beyond. You, in your entirety, from muscle fibers,  your nervous system, hormones, and your emotional reactions and thought processes, are reacting to every stimulus I provide.


What to Expect

How I approach facilitating change:

I have a variety of ways in which I communicate with your body.  I access your wiring and encourage communication between the brain and your muscles using neuromuscular techniques including Positional Release,  Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitaion Stretches (or PNF Stretching), and a lot of opportunity for propioceptive feedback through passive movement of your joints and myofascial release.  On my table you may also experience a wonderful modality called active cupping, which serves as an incredibly effective tool for change and treatment for a large variety of conditions.

I like to explore how things move and notice where they don’t, to really feel the underlying structures beneath my hands and know that they are not just images in a textbook, but living tissues in a real living human.  I can follow the line of tension contributing to the restriction of movement, and melt it so that there is freedom again.

I love when someone tells me they can feel how one area is connected to another region of the body.  We all know that the knee bone connects to the hip bone, but that doesn’t always translate into the knee bone affects the hip bone, affects the pelvis and low back, which alters the curvature of the spine, and alters the transmission of force by millidegrees and all of a sudden that’s why you have a headache. We need to expand our concepts of separate parts working in isolation and integrate the reality that the whole unit works together.


You are more than the sum of your parts.  That being said, your parts still need help from time to time to function optimally. Book a session and allow your body able to keep up with the wild spirit you know yourself to be.